Praise the Institution of Cynicism

Who speaks the greatest truth in this age of superficial spectacle? An age in which each individual is a bubble; and within these bubbles, there is an eternal belief in the infiniteness of the present that corrodes us beyond the realm of civility. “Acts of creation” crumble meaninglessly with traditional logic, pleasure makes itself strict in the rules that straighten and strangle us.
As the perfect medicine to this, Cynism, serves as the official lubricant of our superficial age, in so far as it becomes a concrete feeling, a structure where individuals’ bubbles pass, live, isolate/commune.

And so, as a live and active group and part of the current condition of survival/resistance we join our beloved friend Bonifrate, hero of the sounds from Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, to launch our new single, "Praise of the Institution of Cynicism", an ode from our intimate collective to the fetid air of living and dying today.


Benke, Dinho, Raphael, Ynaiã, Boogarins associados a Pedro Bonifrate, Supercordas.